Let us keep real. We are not sustainable, and every company in the clothing industry who claims they are, is lying. However, at DNM we strive to minimalize our impact on the Earth and al its beauty. We take our ecological responsibility by taking multiple actions:

1. We strive to make the best products on the market, while having the least possible impact on the Earth.
2. We always try to make the world a better place, socialy and ecologicaly.


Our products

At DNM we feel we can do more. When we produce, we make products that are environmentally responsible, you’ll absolutely love and that will last for a long time. Of course we do more, and it looks something like this:

We commited to making every piece as organically made as possible. This means that all our clothing, starting in 2023 is made from 100% organic cotton (GOTS certified). Clothing made from polyester is made from recycled material out of our oceans. Our packaging is recycled and we reduce our CO2 footprint by only sending products once a week.


Social responsibility

We know that we are very privileged. Because we feel we are, we also think that we should give back as much as possible. At DNM we donate a precentage of our profit to the following organisation: One Percent for the Planet.



At DNM, we stand for high quality and sustainable clothing. Through doing almost all tasks involved with running a clothing company ourselves, we strive to keep maximum control over our company and its impact on the world. We strongly believe in fair clothing, this is simply non-negotiable to us. The clothing industry has a bad image and rightfully so. We cannot ignore this and it is why DNM is here. The industry must change, it can change and it will change.



We strive to change the clothing industry. At this very moment, the industry as a whole is very polluting and it takes workers’ wellbeing nowhere near as serious as it should be. Through new and improved ways, we want to push the whole industry towards environmentally friendly ways and away from fast fashion. High quality and low impact clothing, combined with fair wages for workers should become the benchmark. Also, we strive to add an extra division to the DNM brand in the future. An institute through which we ourselves intend to contribute directly to a cleaner earth, improved biodiversity and healthier ecosystems.